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Who we are ?

Centenary microenterprise services Ltd was started as business entity in March 2011. The business started as microfinance consultancy firm serving Microfinance and Sacco institutions in Kenya. The business later transformed to a microcredit organization registered as a limited company in accordance with the laws of Kenya, Cap 486.

The organization focuses on financial intermediation to the population at the bottom of the pyramid with a view of enhancing financial inclusion to support individuals and strengthen community institutions as a way of fighting poverty.

why choose us ?

Experience in Microfinance lending - Our employees have specialized knowledge in micro-credit to adequately serve MSME market needs.

Dedicated Employees - Over 100 knowledgeable employees care about creating remarkable customer experience. Some of our Relationship Officers been serving small business owners for the last 7 years.

Expansive industry knowledge - CEMES Ltd has been among the first Kenya companies to offer mobile lending combined with relationship management. We have strong backing from leading Telco’s company in Kenya

Mobile platform - We believe that financing should be easy to our customers. That is why we offer mobile lending to small business owners to apply quickly from anywhere anytime.

What we do ?

Credit Ease - The problems MSMEs have in obtaining a loan originate from distinct issues extending beyond the current economic context. Focusing on micro-enterprises has allowed us to discover specific Challenges, thus developing business solutions that simplify entrepreneurs' access to alternate sources of capital to fund their enterprises effectively.

Medicare Credit - The high cost of medicine and health services is a significant deterrent to lower-income people accessing quality health care services, with the bulk of the poor living in rural places. Medical credit could be a lifeline for microentrepreneurs and persons living at the bottom of the economic pyramid.

Micro-Franchising - Micro-franchising is replicating business concepts at the grass-roots level to alleviate poverty. It is similar to franchising but on a smaller scale, intending to benefit the poor rather than just elevating the affluent. Micro franchising's primary goal is to reduce poverty by developing and delivering robust, established businesses that enhance the earning potential of micro franchisees.

Dairy Value Chain Finance - Milk has numerous health benefits, including strengthening bones and teeth. But you probably already knew that. However, you may not know that African small-scale dairy farmers face multiple obstacles. For example, a dairy farmer loses approximately 30 liters of milk per month due to improper weighing? In addition, farmers are excluded from financial services due to a lack of verifiable income information.


To be a preferred primary financial institution, trusted partner, and provider of innovative solution for growth and investment.


To provide a full range of innovatively and efficiently delivered financial products and services.

Our core values.


Trust between CEMES and the customer manifest itself through common goals, respect, and fulfilment of commitment to all the stakeholders.

Efficiency and effectiveness.

CEMES, we strive for efficiency and effectiveness in achieving the objectives and goals of the organization through embracing changes observed in the market.


CEMES we are open to impressions from communities around and colleagues and take on board and evaluate new ideas.

Making the difference.

CEMES we are committed to making the difference in the lives of the people at the bottom of the pyramid by delivering appropriate and quality products/services.



Human Resource management and Capacity Development.


Infrastructure Development, Corporate Governance and customer service


Information Technology and Information systems.

Portfolio of Funds

Increase shareholders value


Terms of use of our products and Services.

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