Financial Service Development

Micro franchising Program

Credit remains a matter of great importance in rural sectors of kenya economy. Despite years of efforts from the government and non governmental organisations, significant portion of the rural poor are unable to access funds. Instead, money lenders continue to be crtitical in the provision of credit services to the rural poor despite of high interest rates being charged

Micro-franchising program provides an opportunity to small entrepreneurs who want to invest in micro-credit and lack access to the big money through banks or capital market. The program involves systemizing of microenterprises to create and replicate turnkey microcredit businesses to support financial inclusion to help alleviate poverty, enhance individual economic self reliance, and stimulate individual, community and country economic development.

The concept has operationally been tested and proven as a model that provides insulation to the enterpreneur from many shocks of open market by providing a degree of stability, security and predictability that they wouldn’t rely achieve on their own.

Training and Consultancy

CEMES Ltd Training and consultancy division provides end to end practical and cost effective business development solutions to SMEs. CEMES Ltd has three strategic initiatives designed to contribute, build and catalyze SMEs market

Market Research

CEMES Ltd support SMEs through market research and provide important information that helps identify and analyze the market need, market size and competition. Market-research techniques encompass both qualitative techniques such as focus groups, in-depth interviews, and ethnography, as well as quantitative techniques such as customer surveys, a nd analysis of secondary data.

Training and capacity building

Capacity Building and Training Programme enables institutions to strengthen their capabilities to plan, develop, implement and maintain effective business environment in efforts to maximize on peoples’ potentials and deliver above expected performance. As way to capacity build the institution, CEMES ltd provides technical advice to microfinance institutions on improvement of business performances, investments, risk analysis and project management through our unique in- house blend of institutional employees and experts drawn from network of consultants.

Funds Mobilization

CEMES Ltd leverages its strong network and funding expertise to bridge the gap between investors and investees in order to effectively allocate financial resources. We engage in financial linkages with investors with diverse funding instruments such as grants, convertible loans, equity capital, debt, guarantee funds and mezzanine debt.

Financial Service Developments



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