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    The problems MSMEs have in obtaining a loan originate from distinct issues extending beyond the current economic context. Focusing on micro-enterprises has allowed us to discover specific Challenges, thus developing business solutions that simplify entrepreneurs' access to alternate sources of capital to fund their enterprises effectively.

    The product is designed for micro-businesses to buy inventory at critical time, manage employees payroll or pay the bills e.g. hospital bills, school fees, burial costs etc while waiting for payments to arrive from slow customers or business season to boom.

    Micro-credit give customers advanced approval to borrow money as their need arises (within the line of credit agreement) without having to re-apply again. It is faster and more flexible and convenient.

    Improving micro-entrepreneurs access to financial services has been our long-term goal. Unfortunately, existing financial institutions are characterized by operational inefficiencies resulting in high loan costs. We blend the right combination of people, processes, and technology to promote accessibility, security, and affordable credit solutions.

    With Revolving Credit, one can Access Credit for the business from the comfort of anywhere. Simultaneously, one may check their credit balance, make payments, and get notifications when their installment is due—all without visiting a branch. Thus, controlling the whole process with the opportunity to self-serve from loan origination to funding receipt is a time-saving and efficient approach to running your own business.

    The procedure begins with a pre-validation exercise to gather critical information regarding client capacity and eligibility requirements established by CEMES Ltd. Then, the customer completes the easy one-page Application Form through our digital channels. A credit score will then be generated automatically, and the customer will be assigned a borrowing limit. The customer may borrow at their leisure using USSD or mobile app channels.

    Our customers get free access to business training programs each year. Those who want to use POS and payment services to automate their businesses can get a subsidized solution from partner companies.

The high cost of medicine and health services is a significant deterrent to lower-income people accessing quality health care services, with the bulk of the poor living in rural places. Medical credit could be a lifeline for microentrepreneurs and persons living at the bottom of the economic pyramid.

Access to health insurance is out of reach for most individuals working in the informal economy. No product on the market is intended to address this medical concern. Medical credit aims to provide affordable alternatives to the high healthcare expenditures among low-income earners.

The product allows patients and family members to return for lengthier treatments and follow-up visits by providing a revolving line of credit. Beneficiaries get the necessary therapy now and pay for it over time with easy instalment payments, allowing them to save their money to spend on things.

Medical Credit Provide customers with more opportunity to resolve healthcare issues that are negatively impacting on their enterprises.

Based on the customer's affordability, a credit limit will be allocated. Then, to use the product, the recipient simply visits any approved medical merchant, get treated, and then pays using a designed digital channel.

Micro-franchising is replicating business concepts at the grass-roots level to alleviate poverty. It is similar to franchising but on a smaller scale, intending to benefit the poor rather than just elevating the affluent. Micro franchising's primary goal is to reduce poverty by developing and delivering robust, established businesses that enhance the earning potential of micro franchisees.

Access to health insurance is out of reach for most individuals working in the informal economy. No product on the market is intended to address this medical concern. Medical credit aims to provide affordable alternatives to the high healthcare expenditures among low-income earners.Micro franchises are autonomously owned and operated; as such, they generate revenue for both the individual owner and their staff while offering credit services at a reasonable cost.

They are financial inclusion enablers by delivering financial services closer to the people at the bottom of the pyramid, especially in underserved segments.

Milk has numerous health benefits, including strengthening bones and teeth. But you probably already knew that. However, you may not know that African small-scale dairy farmers face multiple obstacles. For example, a dairy farmer loses approximately 30 liters of milk per month due to improper weighing? In addition, farmers are excluded from financial services due to a lack of verifiable income information.

At Cemes Ltd., we've created a model dairy mobile application that enables farmers to monitor and account for milk supply from the farm gate to the Dairy coop societies. Additionally, the application collects data, generates scores for each farmer, and grants them access to credit services from Cemes Ltd.

Our model, unlike competing systems, is free to install. Existing Dairy milk Saccos have successfully allowed us to implement the system in several remote communities. They found it simple to install, dependable, and economical to operate.